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Many properties have chimneys, although a large proportion are seldom or never used. However chimneys are a common cause of problems.

Surrey Hills Roofing will assess your chimney, and remove, repair or renew as appropriate.

Chimneys must be well maintained as all the components will over time decay, the mortar and the leadwork are the most common problems, but even the brick or stone can and does spall(chip or crack).


Although all faces of the chimney will be weather-affected, it is normally the north face which decays first. There is also the crown area (the top), this area is always out of view but often takes the brunt of the bad weather, the crown holds the pots in place and if not maintained can cause water to follow down the inside of the stack.


Also we can re-build chimneys, add cowls, cowl covers, anti-bird devices and aerials. From step flashing in lead or cement filets, we can shore up your chimney. We are also able to fit non-lead flashings.

Serving: Woking, Guildford, Camberley, Weybridge, Chertsey, Egham, Sunbury, Staines, Heathrow, Kingston, Walton, Esher, Epsom, Dorking, Cranleigh, Godalming, Haslemere, Farnham, Hindhead

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